Molang iPhone Theme & Wallpaper

A while ago I introduced you to Molang, the cute bunny from Korea. I wanted to cutify my iPhone and found these Molang apps: Molang Sweet Skin and Star Photo Editor. The last app has got a free Molang theme with backgrounds ans stickers, which you can use for your photos, but it also allows you to create wallpapers.

So, I’ve been playing around with both apps and created a couple of kawaii iPhone themes. Feel free to use them, but please don’t redistribute them, the copyright belongs to and dlto.

Molang iPhone 5 Theme Icecream

Molang Summer Theme
Lock Screen  – iPhone 5 | Home Screen Ice – iPhone 5

Molang iPhone Theme Sweets

Molang Sweets Theme
Lock Screen  – iPhone 5 | Home Screen Cake – iPhone 5

Molang iPhone Theme teatime

Molang Teatime Theme
Lock Screen  – iPhone 5 | Home Screen Tea – iPhone 5

How to install:
1. Click on the desired download link, the picture of your choice will appear.
2. Tap and hold on the picture until a menu will pop up, then tap the “Save Image” button.
3. Tap on the Photos icon on your iPhone and find the directory where you saved the picture.
4. Tap the picture and click on the box with arrow icon on the bottom left of your screen. Click on the icon that says “Use as Wallpaper”, click the “Set” button and choose “Lock Screen” or “Home Screen”.
5. Enjoy your Molang theme! :cake:

12 thoughts on “Molang iPhone Theme & Wallpaper

  1. Oh thank you so much! I use that as my hardcase and theme and it looks so cute!❤Thank you so much!❤My friends like my phone now:heart:


    1. I think that you can if your Android phone has got the same resolution (180x920px or 1280×2272) or you could just install the picture to see if it fits 🙂


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