Cute Temporary Tattoos

With summer in sight it’s finally time to show some bare skin again. Yeah, I know I’m a big ahead of things but I really enjoyed the first warm days in the Netherlands. When I grew up we used to buy bubblegum during that season. The bubblegum would lose it’s taste after about 30 seconds of chewing, but it was all about the tattoo inside the package. Ranging from the Smurfs to cool designs with snakes and dragons. We usually stuck them on our arms or hands and by the end of the day only a black or blue stain would remain visible.

To my surprise I noticed that temporary tattoos are back! They’re better this time around πŸ™‚

Tattly cute temporary watch tattoo

Tattly cute temporary tattoos

Tattly cute temporary octopus tattoo

These cute tattoos are from Tattly. I also found Hello Kitty ones over here :cat: