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Since it’s National Stationery Week I thought it would be nice to share my favorite online stationery shops with you. I like to collect stickers, tapes, pens, notebooks and even notepaper as long as the design is irresistible. The downside is that these items are often too precious to use #firstworldproblems.

cute online stationery shop

1. Janet Store is based in Taiwan and sells very reasonable priced items. She’s probably got more items listed than any shop I know, ranging from cute Taiwanese characters like Miki and Q-mie the Sheep to bigger brands. Shipping can be a bit steep, so it’s relatively cheaper to order a lot at once.

2. Artbox sells items online but also has a couple of retail shops in the UK. I’ve visited the one in Covent Garden (London) and spend quite some time there πŸ™‚
They sell cute stationery from the Korean brand named Artbox, but also from Moomin, Sanrio, San-X, Q-lia etc.

3. Tout Mignon is an online shop from Japan and I believe it’s run by a French couple. I’ve ordered twice from them and their service and products are great. Next to stationery they also sell cute kitchenware and even clothes. Shipping is only 7 euro per order.

4. Paperchase was featured on kao-ani earlier this month. You can order products online, but they also have small international stores. Luckily there are a couple in the Netherlands as well and I like to have a peek whenever they’ve got a new collection. Paperchase creates it’s own products with the help of designers and illustrators.

5. Modes4U is a shop from Hong Kong. To be honest I haven’t ordered from them before, but they’ve got quite some positive reviews. The shop offers many cute products from well-known brands and although the prices are a tad on the higher side, the free international shipping (for orders from €60 / $78) makes up for that.

6. Kawaii Shop Japan is run by Miki and she updates the shop about twice a month. The prices and shipping costs are very reasonable and I love the items and great service. Sometimes she even sells Takochu’s and harder to get items, but they do fly out the store, so better stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Cute online stationery shops

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been going crazy looking everywhere for cute stationary shops, and thanks to this post, I have not only more than one, but some feedback as well to help guide me along. Thank you once again, cheers! <3:wow:


    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Glad I could be of any help, I hope you’ll find the items you’re looking for πŸ™‚


  2. I loved your blog as a fellow stationary hoarder I mean collector lol I’ve used Miki-san’s website a few times myself & have always been uber pleased, just wish there was a bigger selection. I’m so glad you listed about Janet shop, I can’t wait to try them. There’s also a company here in the United states who’ve got a huge inventory. Kind of expensive but you get your order super fast if you’re in the states.:cake:


  3. Modes4u is really alright. I ordered from Germany and bought from them four times and everything came to me and i had no problems. you also get one free roll of masking tape and they put it in cute bags. :cake:
    but i will check the ones you mentioned out :heart:


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