Pet Society Closing In June :(

Monday Electronic Arts (EA) announced that it will close down three Facebook games, including Pet Society, on June 14th. The official reason is the drop in user activity, but PS still has over 1 million users. To be honest I think it’s disrespectful, especially to users who have spent money on the game, to just pull the plug like that. I felt quite bummed by the news and made my point with this image.

Pet Society Closing EA

EA urges players to spend remaining cash before the game closes. They offer a smooth transition to a PopCap game, but I wonder if any PS player will fall for that. I’ve made screenshots of my Pet Society to remember the game and stopped playing today. After four years of playing Pet Society, I will miss the cute gameplay and all the friendly members.

If you’ll also miss the game, think about signing the petition, although I wonder if it will really help. These games are a bit comparable to Pet Society: Happy Baby (Chinese), Party Town and Pet City

3 thoughts on “Pet Society Closing In June :(

  1. Noooooooooooo!!! How can this happen? i love pet society! Please do something dont close down pet society.


    1. Yes it’s too bad :(, but unfortunately it won’t be turned around. You might have a look at the alternative games I mentioned, I’ve noticed a lot of Pet Society Players moved there.


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