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A couple of weeks ago Gameloft has released My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s a freemium mobile game for your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
I’ve been playing it for a little while now and am addicted can stop whenever I would like to ;).

The gameplay can be compared to that of a strategic game like The Sims. Your aim is to help rebuild Ponyville, which has been destroyed by Nightmare Moon. You do so by bringing back ponies, playing mini-games, quests and redecorating Ponyville. Your ponies -like Applejack and Pinkie Pie- gain experience points from playing the mini-games. This allows them to get a better job in the shops, where they’ll earn bits and element shards. The bits can be used to expand your land or to buy shops, ponies and decorations. The element shards will eventually activate the Harmony Stones.

My Little Pony Game Gameloft screenshot - Minigame

It’s a relatively easy game to play and to be honest the 3 mini-games do get a bit boring after a while. Another downside to the game is that some of the more popular ponies can only be bought with gems. And gems are sparsely given throughout the game. When you log on each day, you’ll receive a couple of gems and sometimes you’ll earn them during the game. However at this rate it’s impossible to earn up to 500 gems for Rainbow Dash. Well there is a way, by spending a lot of bucks -about $50- on her. So I am not going to be bothered by buying those expensive ponies, unless Gameloft comes up with a solution. There’s a discussion at CNET about this issue.

Aside from the gem issue, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is still a game that I would recommend. The items, music and animations are very well done and I suspect that the game might keep you entertained for a couple of months.

My Little Pony Game Gameloft screenshot - Ponyville

  • A few tips for your Ponyville:
  • Be careful with spending your hard-earned gems. You’d better not use them to speed things up, just try to be patient here.
  • Place your shops next to each-other, to easily click on the finished products.
  • Place the pony houses together, to easily see which ponies want to play mini-games.
  • Earn a few extra bits by clicking on parasites, trees, repaired Harmony Stones, or the hidden Derpy Hooves.
  • If you want to reserve a piece of land for buildings, make sure that you place some inventory (like trees) on it. Otherwise Nightmare Moon might trash the place.
  • Go to the Gameloft Forum to find users which you can add, or leave a message yourself.

Oh, and last but not least; feel free to add me as well 🙂 I’ll make sure to send you lots of treasure chests. My username on Gameloft Live is fairykei.

8 thoughts on “Gameloft My Little Pony Game

  1. Please add me and send me chests! I have that one as quest, and even though I send all of my friends chests nobody sends me back D: Thank you so much!

    Username: miisamaisa


  2. I am trying to get friends for my 4yr old daughter who plays mlp on my phone. It would be great if u cud add her as a friend.
    Username- jessicaleslie :cake:


  3. Yes! Someone who I can play this with! Hahah. I can’t believe my niece got me into MLP. One week we both had the flu so we watched all the episodes in bed and drank cocoa and tea.

    Please add me, you’d be my first friend on the game 😀 username: nikarevolta

    By the way I remember discovering your blog over 5 years ago I think and to this day I remembered the url. This as cute as ever :heart:


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