Korean Diaries

Somehow I’m not really fond of plain diaries or planners. I remember receiving a very boring school diary in High-school and would go to lengths trying to pimp it. I’d cut out nice pictures from magazines and would use lots of stickers. If only decoden would have existed during that time πŸ™‚

To this day I still like to have some decoration and illustrations in my diary. Luckily Korea offers lots of those wannahave planners.
I’ve selected some of the cutest:

Korean Diary 2013 Sunshine Delly
Sunshine Delly Diary | Dated 2013 | comes with calendar and stickers

Korean Diary 2013 Hello Coco
Hello Coco Diary | Dated 2013 | comes with stickers

Korean Diary Rollercoaster Polkaland
Pokaland Diary | Undated | comes with bookband / (note june 2013: no longer available)

Korean Diary Chococat
Chococat Diary | Undated | comes with stickers

Donbook Korean Study Planner
Donbook Study Planner | Undated

You can find Korean Diaries at eBay-shop CupidGift and Fallindesign.
The Pokaland Diary is the one that I chose, it’s not very expensive at $10,- and the illustrations are lovely. By the way, did you notice how most diaries are pictured with drinks, toys and sweets? They really know how to display something well πŸ™‚

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