Alpaca Plush – Alpacasso Arpakasso

An Alpaca is a species of South American camelid, known for it’s soft fluffy coat. Japanese brands have also discovered it’s cuteness and by now you’ve probably seen pictures of Alpaca items swarming on the internet.

The most known brand is Alpacasso (or Arpakasso), which has been released by Amuse. Amuse is a company that creates items for Ufo claw machines. So in Japan you can try your luck on winning one of those cute plushes. You can see one in action on Youtube. The collection ranges from small keychains to jumbo sized plushes up to 100cm~39inches!

Alpaca Aplacasso Plush

Alpacasso’s have been around for over a year and -due to it’s popularity- are a bit easier to get outside Japan nowadays. I’ve selected a couple of kawaii Alpaca items for you 🙂

1. Alpaca pillow by Swimmer
2. Alpaca mirror by Swimmer
3. Alpaca bookmark post-its from Modes4U
4. Alpacasso keychain from Kawaii Pile
5. Alpaca couple keychain from TofuCute, they also sell cute Alpaca purses

Unfortunately Swimmer doesn’t ship outside of Japan, but you could use a shopping service like Shopping Mall Japan. It’s also possible to use Yahoo Japan auctions to buy your favourite Alpacasso plush in Japan. I Love Your Arpakasso explains how this works.

Some good online sellers who will ship internationally are: Rosy’s garden (also on eBay), RuRuVictoria, Arpakasso Online, Arpakassoshop HK and xxmiraixx

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  1. :cake: I want to know if they have a email I can contact them with? :wow:
    I want to know fi they accept questions from anyone.
    So by any chance you know the Owner who started Alpacasso? And if you do what would it be? And what is his/her email ? so I can contact them. :heart:


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