Cute Dingbats & Pixel Fonts

These are some of my favourite fonts and dingbats. Please note that they aren’t made by me, credits are mentioned below.

Click on the font to download it. Go to Windows Explorer and open the zip file. Drag the .TTF file(s) to the Fonts folder – inside the Control Panel folder – and you’re done!

Pixel fonts

Bangalore from P-font
Bangalore font
04 Fonts from 04
04 font
04 font
Littlebipmapism from DigitalDreamDesign
BM Mini from Bitmapmania
BM mini
Gorilla and Firewire from Miffies
Gorilla pixel font
Firewire pixel font

Cute fonts

XO from Rain-road
Honey alphabet from Third entertainment
honey font
Apple Font from Flop design
apple font
Gracie from Somechan
hamster font
Keroyon from Pandachan
frog font
Evilz from N-Plus
Evilz font
Valentine from Typo
valentine hearts font
Coney Island by Font-a-licious
coney island
Care Bears Family
carebears fonts