My humble opinion on health and makeup 😉



Lips; I like them soft and yummy. First I exfoliate them gently with Lipscuff (from the Bodyshop). You can also use your toothbrush for it. Then I’ll use a lipbalm. Actually I never wear lipstick because it’s gone after 10 minutes and just doesn’t suit me. I like fruity lipbalms like the lipsmackers from Bonne Bell– Cotton Candy. Because my hubby doesn’t like to artificial flavors I’ll also use Blistex.

Because I have acne rosacea (just my luck, red skin and pimples…) I usually don’t use facial products, this will only worsen it.
You can use a face wash from for instance Garnier and apply cream afterwards. Find out what kind of skin type you’ve got to see what products will be best.
During the winter I do use a few drops of almond oil, either to remove make-up or to keep my skin from turning into sandpaper. It’s not too greasy and also doesn’t make me brake out.
During ‘that time of the month (O_o)’ I like to use a mineral foundation from Lumiere Cosmetics to cover up my blotchy cheeks.

Slow down on make-up, less is more! Actually I only wear mascara and sometimes mineral foundations. I also use an eyebrow brush to shape and brush my eyebrows with.


First of all, never ever diet. Diets will only make you fat. This is because it slows down your metabolism. If you want to lose some weight just try to eat a bit healthier and exercise for about half an hour a day.

Drink lots of water XD The recommended daily two liters of fluid can come from any drinks: tea, coffee, coke, fruit juice – even beer Wink But I think water and green tea or herbal tea are best.
Try to cut down on “light” drinks and food, with artificial sweeteners in them. I’ve got a feeling they’re not very safe. I’m also avoiding Flavour enhancers (like MSG) and Citric acid in foods.

Vitamins. Some vitamins are good for your hair and nails (vit. E) and others are good for your skin (vit. C) You’ll find more information on vitamins and minerals on this site. Recently I’ve been taking extra vitamin D3, B5, Calcium and Zinc. I also avoid diary products except for the fermented versions like yoghurt. I discovered that milk and cheese worsened my skin and could actually trigger migraine. If you think that you are allergic to a specific food, try eliminating it for a month and see if you experience any changes.

When I shower I use a PH neutral shower-gel, I love white musk and almond gels. Don’t shower too hot because this will make your skin dry. I know its hard though (^_^) I have a very dry skin. This is why I use a bodylotion after I’ve taken a shower, it really works for me. I use Cocoa Butter from the Body Shop, they also have other butters, yum!

Be kind and use products that are not tested on animals, for instance from the Body Shop and Yves Rocher. Check this site for a complete list.


Use a gentle shampoo and shower your hair with cold water when your almost done. This will make your hair more shiny XD. I often use conditioners for my hair because it makes it very soft. Try not to use a heater, because this will damage your hair.
Don’t wash your hair too much because then it gets greasy much more quickly. Oh and if you have split ends, just cut them off, you can’t nurse them back to health.


Try to collect samples of perfumes to figure out which one suits you best. Always try a perfume on your skin before you buy it. Wait for about ten minutes and then you’ll know how the perfume smells on your body. Try scents on your own skin, as everyone’s skin chemistry is different. I prefer having different perfumes so I can change them according to my mood.

It’s best to use deodorant without alcohol in it, because this will irritate your skin when you’ve shaved your armpits. Don’t overdo it though, too much deodorant might even kill you (O_o)


I’ve tried many devices but always came back to the old-fashioned razor-blade. I use Gilette Venus, they also offer nice shaving gels like Melon Splash and Wild Berry :-9 It gets really fluffy and it smells so nice. You can remove the hairs best by shaving in opposite direction. Don’t press too hard, if you use a sharp blade the razor will do all the work.