Kawaii Avatars

These kawaii avatars are 80Ɨ80 pixels and you can use them on any bbs or blog you would like. Maybe time to make your on gravatar? Feel free to place your name on them. Save the image you want to use on your harddisk. Please upload them to your own server, or a free image host.

kuma san-x ruu and suu san-x Sushi q-lia Avatar Crux Avatar
Girls Power Kamio Avatar Kamio Avatar Chocobunny Avatar
crux soyabean chococat kuma kamio
Cinamoroll avatar fuwa avatar Cat avatar Bear avatar
pig avatar Nyanko avatar Kaoani avatar Kogepan avatar
Bunny avatar Monkey avatar Q-lia avatar Chibi avatar
Tare Wooly avatar Rabbit avatar Cat avatar